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Group Therapy and Classes

Photo by chang duong

I do not have any groups or classes running at this time. Please read below about upcoming groups/classes.


I provide unique groups and classes that strengthen coping, self-regulation, and resilience skills.

Future groups and classes include:

  • Utilizing photography for self-care and grounding

  • Strengthening resilience post disasters

  • Ecological-stress/grief/anxiety

  • Psychoeducation and social-emotional skill development

  • "Therapeutic Book Club" - addressing self-confidence and imposter syndrome for female-identified and non-binary outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

Interested in future groups or classes?  Email me at and let me know which one(s), and I will keep you posted when a new one is launching.

Due to the nature of internet-based communications, I cannot guarantee the security or confidentiality of email communications.  Please use email communications for scheduling purposes, interests, or requesting a call back only.

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